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Furniture Management

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Capabilities and Project Process:

Furniture Standards Development

Furniture Specifications for Pricing and Ordering

COM Suitability Review and Verification

Furniture Suitability Review

Furniture Bid Package Preparation

Critical Path Scheduling for Furniture Procurement

Inventory of Existing Furniture

Reuse of Existing vs. New Furniture Acquisition Analysis

Project Furniture Budget Development

Project Budget Analysis and Pricing

Furniture Dealership Proposal Analysis

Furniture Agreement Negotiation

Development of Furniture Installation Schedule

Furniture Installation Scheduling and Supervision

Building Accessibility Coordination

Secure and Validate Certificates of Insurance

End User Preparation and Special Requirements Review

Development and Tracking of Project Furniture Punchlist

Development of Inventory Programs

Disposal of Surplus Computer, Equipment, and Furniture Assets

Development of Furniture Maintenance Standards and Programs        

Development of  ‘Just In Time’ Furniture Availability Program

Space Planning and Workstation Layouts

Project Programming

Ergonomic Issue Study and Review


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